• What is in the Kit?

    CurieNeurons Kit includes the Curie Controller board and is equipped with the groundbreaking Intel® Curie™ module, powered by SmartNode/AI an open source user-friendly graphical programing environment.


    It is also embedded with CurieNeurons Pro. Users can now use training instead of coding to insert artificial intelligence into everything, without worrying about the technical nuances of how neural networks actually work.


    What's included:

    • Genuino 101
    • IO Expansion shield V7.1 
    • USB Cable A-B for Arduino
    • Digital Push Button (Red)
    • Digital Push Button (white)
    • Digital Push Button (Blue)
    • Jumper Wires 9" F/F (10 Pack)
    • 9V to Barrel Jack Adapter 
    • I2C 16x2 Arduino LCD Display Module 
    • MicroSD card module for Arduino
    • Acrylic UNO Base 
    • SD/MicroSD Memory Card (8 GB Class10 SDHC) 
    • SD USB adapter 
    • USB BLE-Link Bluetooth Dongle
    • Velcro wrist band 
    • RGB Test card (one card for each color)
    • CurieNeurons Pro activation card 
    • Gravity Digital Sensor Cable for Arduino
    • Gravity 4-pin I2C Cable for TCS34725 RGB sensor 

  • How does CurieNeurons work?

    Artificial Intelligence/Deep learning is on everyone's lips, but do you know how to really play with it?


    Check out this video to know more.

    How does SmartNode/AI works?

    SmartNode is an online graphical progamming tool based on Node-Red, targeted for entry-level smart hardware developers.


    More about SmartNode/AI please go to:


  • Projects

    See how CurieNeurons enabled these amazing projects come to life!

    R.I Dance

    The world's first AI LED programming system!

    Learn more: www.ri-dane.ai

    Coach T

    Take your private coach home!

    Learn more: www.coach-t.ai

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